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In a compelling collaboration, the Oosthuizen brothers, Riaan and Gerrit, unite their creative prowess to conceive a visionary wall uplighter concept for VLVLK-FRĒODŌM. This collaborative endeavor is a dynamic blend of Riaan’s inventive ideas as the conceptual designer and Gerrit’s strategic guidance as the creative director, resulting in an exceptionally expressive and bold iteration.

Project Overview: VLVLK-FRĒODŌM introduces an avant-garde wall uplighter concept, born from the creative minds of conceptual designer Riaan Oosthuizen and creative luminary Gerrit Oosthuizen. This innovative design promises to redefine wall lighting, offering a captivating fusion of form and function.

Design Objectives (Visual Appeal): Riaan, as the conceptual designer, envisions a visually striking wall uplighter that radiates bold expressiveness. The design seeks to captivate with a unique aesthetic, pushing the boundaries of conventional wall lighting.

Design Objectives (Functionality): Guided by Gerrit’s creative direction, practicality and functionality are paramount considerations. The wall uplighter concept, envisioned by Riaan, is crafted to seamlessly integrate into spaces while delivering an expressive and bold lighting experience.

Design Objectives (Material Innovation): The collaboration takes a daring turn as Gerrit explores innovative ways to incorporate expressive and bold elements into the wall uplighter concept. Gerrit’s creative direction encourages the use of unconventional materials and techniques to achieve a truly unique design.

Design Objectives (Size and Scale): Considering various sizes and scales, Riaan provides flexibility in installation, ensuring that Gerrit’s guidance maintains impact, regardless of dimensions chosen.

Deliverables (Concept Sketches): Riaan presents initial concept sketches, illustrating expressive and bold ideas for the wall uplighter. Gerrit guides the evolution of these sketches towards a concept aligned with the project’s vision.

Deliverables (Design Proposal): The comprehensive design proposal reflects Riaan’s conceptual vision, detailing dimensions, materials, finishes, and unique artistic elements contributing to the expressive and bold nature of the wall uplighter.

Deliverables (Visual Renderings): Under Gerrit’s creative direction, visual renderings or 3D models showcase the wall uplighter concept’s beauty from various angles and lighting scenarios, highlighting its expressive and bold characteristics.

Deliverables (Technical Specifications): Riaan, with Gerrit’s guidance, provides detailed technical specifications covering electrical requirements, assembly instructions, and manufacturing considerations related to achieving the expressive and bold iteration.

Budget: The product has no allocated budget, granting Riaan and Gerrit the freedom to explore materials and manufacturing methods aligned with the expressive and bold vision for the wall uplighter.

Submission: Riaan submits the conceptual design, accompanied by a brief explanation of the design approach and initial ideas for the expressive and bold wall uplighter concept.

Submission Deadline: The varying submission deadline, based on product complexity, underscores the dynamic and time-sensitive nature of this collaboration.

Selection Process: VLVLK’s discerning team, guided by Gerrit’s creative direction, meticulously reviews Riaan’s submission. The evaluation considers portfolio strength, creativity, and alignment with the project’s objectives, ensuring the chosen concept resonates profoundly with the overarching vision.

Note: This artist/design brief is a testament to the dynamic collaboration between Riaan Oosthuizen, the conceptual designer, and Gerrit Oosthuizen, the creative director. It invites customization, urging the duo to infuse their unique creativity into this expressive and bold wall uplighter concept.

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