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Veelvlak signature surfaces

When you visit VEELVLAK you will find that we think differently and our ethos "Make a difference" is woven into everything we do. Right from the design of the tiles and the tactile experience of our pieces, through to how we treat the talented people working for us, we aim to approach all the facets of our business with unique creativity and integrity.

Refresh, Revive, Personalize

Claywork for Architecture and Design

VEELVLAK is a treasure trove for decorators, architects and individuals who would like to create extraordinary and luxurious spaces. Our work takes the usual notion of commercial ceramic products one bold step further.

Forward thinking vision

Our clients

We have crafted large scale ceramic installations for a high calibre of international and local clients such as Woolworths, Dioppio Zero, TASHAS, Piza e Vino, Nandos, Tribeca and many more.

Collaborating with design teams like Design Partnership, Earthworld Architects, Tilt Design, Egg Design, Idia Interior Design, Anatomy Design, Experience Makers and Camilla Fraser Design on commercial and residential properties continues to enrich the creative scope of our offering. 


We hand-make the finest tiles in the country and ship internationally.

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