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In a visionary collaboration, VLVLK-FRĒODŌM unveils an innovative chandelier concept brought to life by the gifted artist and designer, Riaan Oosthuizen. This distinctive design seamlessly integrates handmade porcelain shards in vibrant colors, creating a focal point that harmoniously blends visual allure with functionality. VLVLK’s commitment to diversity in design styles, techniques, and ceramic applications urges Riaan Oosthuizen to push the boundaries and explore the limitless possibilities within the realm of ceramics.

The design objectives set forth an ambitious yet elegant path. Riaan Oosthuizen is tasked with crafting a visually striking chandelier that not only celebrates the inherent beauty and versatility of ceramics but also serves as a practical and functional masterpiece. The exploration spans a rich array of finishes, textures, colors, and shapes, aiming to create an aesthetically pleasing and captivating work of art.

Functionality takes precedence, demanding a chandelier that seamlessly integrates into its designated space with ease of installation and maintenance, ensuring both form and function are impeccably balanced. Material innovation becomes a key focus as Riaan Oosthuizen is encouraged to explore groundbreaking ways to incorporate ceramics, whether through hand molding, slip casting, or cutting-edge ceramic 3D printing. The invitation to embrace ceramic glazes, patterns, and surface treatments opens the door to elevating the overall design to unprecedented levels.

The size and scale of the chandelier are tailored to provide flexibility in installation, with options for different sizes accommodating diverse environments. The deliverables include a showcase of initial concept sketches illustrating the diverse design ideas and directions for the chandelier. A comprehensive design proposal is expected, featuring detailed dimensions, ceramic types, 3rd party components, finishes, color schemes, and any unique artistic elements.

Visual renderings or 3D models will be a crucial aspect of the submission, offering a high-quality glimpse into the chandelier concept’s beauty from various angles and lighting scenarios. Riaan Oosthuizen is further required to provide detailed technical specifications covering electrical requirements, assembly instructions, and any manufacturing considerations related to ceramics and 3rd party component manufacturing essential for the chandelier’s framework.

In a bold departure from convention, this project stands unique, as no specific budget has been allocated for the select ceramic materials and proposed manufacturing methods, aligning with the project’s visionary nature. The submission from Riaan Oosthuizen includes an ideation along with a brief explanation of the design approach and initial ideas for the chandelier concept.

The submission deadline varies, catering to the complexity of the product; in this specific scenario, it was confined to just a few days. VLVLK’s curation team, driven by a commitment to excellence, will meticulously review Riaan Oosthuizen’s submission, evaluating portfolio strength, creativity, and alignment with project objectives.

This artist/design brief, centered on ceramics, invites customization to match specific project requirements. VLVLK assures designers that they will provide clear guidance on ceramics use, desired aesthetics, and any sustainability considerations, fostering the creation of an exceptional and unparalleled design concept.

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