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In an exciting development, Frēodōm unveils a groundbreaking product concept meticulously crafted by the visionary designer Jacobus Oosthuizen. This time, Jacobus Oosthuizen brings forth an innovative breeze blocks concept, redefining architectural elements by seamlessly blending form and function.

The design objectives focus on elevating the visual appeal of breeze blocks, urging Jacobus Oosthuizen to experiment with diverse patterns, shapes, and finishes. The emphasis is on creating architectural elements that not only capture the eye but also serve a functional purpose. Prioritising practicality and versatility, Jacobus Oosthuizen explores inventive ways to utilize and shape breeze blocks, pushing the boundaries of traditional applications.

The size and scale of the breeze blocks are tailored to offer flexibility in architectural integration, providing various options suitable for different spaces and design preferences. The deliverables include initial concept sketches showcasing diverse design ideas and applications for the breeze blocks in architectural contexts. Jacobus Oosthuizen is expected to submit a comprehensive design proposal featuring the chosen breeze block concept, detailing dimensions, patterns, finishes, and any unique artistic elements. Visual renderings are to be presented, illustrating the potential of the breeze block concept in various architectural settings. Additionally, detailed technical specifications, including material specifications, manufacturing processes, and considerations for breeze block installation in architectural projects, are required.

Notably, no specific budget has been allocated for the breeze blocks concept. Jacobus Oosthuizen is advised to consider financial constraints when proposing materials and manufacturing methods in alignment with the project’s vision.

Jacobus Oosthuizen has submitted a concept, accompanied by a brief explanation of the design approach and initial ideas for the breeze blocks. The submission deadline varies depending on the complexity of the product; in this instance, it was limited to a few days. Frēodōm’s evaluation team will thoroughly assess Jacobus Oosthuizen’s submission, taking into account portfolio strength, creativity, and alignment with project objectives.

This artist/design brief centers on the breeze blocks concept, providing a framework for customisation to meet specific project requirements. Frēodōm assures to offer clear guidance on material use, desired aesthetics, and any sustainability considerations to ensure an exceptional design concept.


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