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In an enthralling tale of artistic collaboration, VLVLK-FRĒODŌM introduces a groundbreaking chandelier concept, envisioned by the highly skilled artist and designer Riaan Oosthuizen. This innovative creation takes form through translucent porcelain squares, delicately undulated and adorned with a patterned matrix, enhancing the interplay of light as it shines through. The option to infuse vibrant colours adds an extra dimension to this luminous masterpiece. Embracing the boundless possibilities of ceramics, VLVLK encourages Riaan Oosthuizen to explore diverse styles, techniques, and applications.

At the heart of Riaan Oosthuizen’s design objectives is the crafting of a visually striking chandelier, celebrating the inherent beauty and versatility of ceramics. The focus extends to experimentation with finishes, textures, colours, and shapes, aiming to produce an aesthetically pleasing and captivating masterpiece that transcends conventional design norms.

Functionality takes precedence in the chandelier’s design, ensuring it serves not only as a visual spectacle but also fulfils a practical purpose in its designated space. Riaan Oosthuizen emphasises practicality, ease of installation, and maintenance without compromising on functionality.

Material innovation becomes a central theme as Riaan Oosthuizen explores inventive ways to incorporate ceramics. Techniques such as hand molding, slip casting, and ceramic 3D printing are considered, along with the use of ceramic glazes, patterns, and surface treatments to elevate the overall design.

Considering the chandelier’s future design in progress, Riaan explores the incorporation of titanium wire to elegantly “wear” the porcelain pieces. This innovative addition aims to provide structural integrity while adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the overall composition.

Considerations for size and scale play a crucial role in tailoring the chandelier to various spaces. Riaan Oosthuizen provides options for different sizes, offering flexibility in installation and accommodating diverse environments.

The deliverables include initial concept sketches illustrating diverse design ideas and directions for the chandelier. A comprehensive design proposal follows, featuring chosen concepts, dimensions, ceramic types, finishes, color schemes, and any unique artistic elements.

High-quality visual renderings or 3D models are presented to showcase the chandelier concept from various angles and lighting scenarios. Detailed technical specifications, covering electrical requirements, assembly instructions, and manufacturing considerations related to ceramics and titanium wire, are meticulously outlined.

While no specific budget is allocated for the ceramic materials, Riaan Oosthuizen is encouraged to consider financial constraints when proposing manufacturing methods in alignment with the project’s vision.

In the submission phase, Riaan Oosthuizen submits an ideation, accompanied by a brief explanation of the design approach and initial ideas for the chandelier concept. The submission deadline varies based on the complexity of the product.

The selection process involves VLVLK’s curation team reviewing Riaan Oosthuizen’s submission, evaluating portfolio strength, creativity, and alignment with project objectives. This artist/design brief, centered on ceramics, invites customisation to match specific project requirements, with VLVLK providing clear guidance on ceramics use, desired aesthetics, and any sustainability considerations for this exceptional and luminous design concept.

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