Blue Hand Painted Floor Lamp base - EYUJAD


R 75,000
1 in stock.

Please note: This is a limited edition.

If we do not have enough of this item available, please email us your specifications for a custom quotation. And if needs be, highlight the elements you prefer, or wish to alter, of this item/ these items to aid us quoting more precisely.

Welcome to Frēodōm, where artistry meets illumination.

Introducing Frēodōm’s lighting pendants—a fusion of artistic brilliance and luminous elegance, where installation becomes an immersive experience in texture, light, and shadow.
Our lighting pendants are not just fixtures; they are collectible masterpieces crafted by skilled ceramic artists using avant-garde techniques.
Each pendant begins as a unique hand-formed ceramic shape, brought to life through the artist’s touch.
The vibrant colors adorning these pendants are applied using daring and expressive techniques, ensuring each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Dive into the unique world of our Wabi-Sabi edition lighting pendants, where imperfection becomes an art form. Wabi-Sabi, the appreciation of beauty in the imperfect, is embodied in each handcrafted ceramic piece.

Embrace the inherent charm of irregularities—size and shape variations, color nuances, cracks, crazing, bowing, and lateral deformation. This edition celebrates the aesthetic of existence, where every pendant is a unique expression of Wabi-Sabi artistry.

Illuminate your space with Frēodōm’s Wabi-Sabi lighting pendants—where every imperfection tells a story, and each installation is an invitation to embrace the beauty of the imperfect.

CERTIFIED AND CODED for authenticity, every pendant bears the unmistakable mark of the artist, adding a personalized touch to your lighting experience.

Artist/s: Tebogo Sithole
Sold per unit.
Unit is as per the first image and visualise the unit (single item or set) that is available for purchase or customisation)
Ceramic Part: Porcelain fired to 1200 degrees Celsius and higher.
Shape: Approximately Cylindrical
Approximate Size: H(595)xw(615)mm
Approximate Weight: 36650 grams
Colour Detail: Blues
Style: Expressive
Use Case?: Floor Lamp

NOTE: When available- You will receive the item as displayed in the photographed images incl. the choice of one of our standard cup, cord and light bulb combinations.

YOUR PURCHASE includes the choice of one of our three standard FIXTURE SETS, with the option for further customization the cup, cord and lighting technologies at an adjusted cost. For those eager to bask in the glow of their pendant sooner, displayed parts can be dispatched within 7 working days. Customization, however, may extend the lead time, ranging from 6 to 20 weeks based on the complexity of the envisioned piece.

EMBRACE CUSTOMISATION with the option to include 3rd party fittings and parts, adjustable and tailored to your preferences at an additional cost. While collaboration and customization are encouraged, the intricate nature of these artworks ensures that no two pieces are identical. When you order a customized artwork, our artists will craft three pieces, allowing you to choose the special one that speaks to you.

To preserve the beauty of your pendant, we provide comprehensive maintenance and care instructions. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends with a clear warranty and return policy. Shipping details, packaging information, and associated costs are transparently communicated.

Frēodōm takes pride not only in creating remarkable artworks but also in our environmental consciousness. Discover the intersection of art and lighting, where each pendant tells a unique story of creativity and craftsmanship. Illuminate your space with Frēodōm’s lighting pendants — where every light is a masterpiece.

Elevate your space with the mesmerizing interplay of texture, light, and shadow. Our pendants invite you to discover a harmonious installation where the nuanced dance of directional light sources and the ever-shifting daylight create captivating shadows and ambiance.

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