Large 1000mm Mirror_GEKJAK

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Status: Ceramic and other materials being assembled.
Lead time: More than four weeks

Please note: This is a limited edition.

If we do not have enough of this item available, please email us your specifications for a custom quotation. And if needs be, highlight the elements you prefer, or wish to alter, of this item/ these items to aid us quoting more precisely.

Frēodōm is the allowing, the quality or state of being free. The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. Frēodōm is artistic representation of what flows freely from within.

This body of work, these pieces, echo the divine relationship between raw material and artist. A fusion, not an extension. Returning to basics, intuition flows through these works, each one of a kind, a moment captured, frozen and represented as bespoke artworks to adorn your home.

The value these pieces possess goes beyond their aesthetic appeal. It lies in the knowledge that you own a one-of-a-kind artwork, a fingerprint of the artistic process in which this artwork came to be, a testament to the unrepeatable journey of its creation. This inherent individuality ensures that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. It's a conversation starter, a piece that sparks curiosity about the unique story it holds within its textures and forms.

Owning a piece from this collection transcends simple possession; it's an investment in the unrestrained spirit of artistic expression, a reminder that true beauty often lies in the embrace of individuality, in Frēodōm.

Step into the distinctive realm of our Wabi-Sabi edition ceramic mirrors, where imperfections are celebrated as art. Embrace the allure of irregularities—size and shape variations, color nuances, subtle cracks, and bowing. Each mirror tells a unique story, inviting you to appreciate the beauty of the handmade.

CERTIFIED AND CODED for authenticity, each piece proudly bears the distinctive mark of the artist, adding a personalized touch to your collection.


Wet Artist/s: Anele Varoyi
Glaze Artist: TBC
Sold per unit.
Unit is as per the first image; visualize the unit (single item or set) available for purchase or customization.
Ceramic Part: Sculptural stoneware pieces fired to 1200 degrees Celsius and higher.
Shape: Approximately round
Approximate Size: TBC OD = 1000mm
Approximate mirror size: TBC = 800mm
Approximate Assembled Weight: TBC grams
Style: expressive

EMBRACE CUSTOMIZATION with the option to include 3rd party fittings and parts, tailored to your preferences at an additional cost. While collaboration and customization are encouraged, the intricate nature of these artworks ensures that no two pieces are identical. When you order a customized artwork, our artists will craft three pieces, allowing you to choose the special one that resonates with you. Customization, however, may extend the lead time, ranging from 6 to 20 weeks based on the complexity of the envisioned piece.

ILLUMINATE YOUR VISION with Frēodōm mirrors – coming soon with captivating lighting options! Our upcoming designs will seamlessly integrate lighting elements, transforming each mirror into a radiant masterpiece. Picture a reflection that not only mirrors your style but also radiates the perfect ambiance. Elevate your space with the fusion of handcrafted artistry and sophisticated lighting. Stay tuned for a dazzling experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional mirror design. Light up your world with Frēodōm – where innovation meets reflection.

Frēodōm mirrors are versatile additions to VARIOUS SPACES, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality:

1.	Living Spaces: Transform living rooms and lounges, creating a focal point that reflects personal style.
2.	Bedrooms: Add a touch of luxury and individuality with custom mirrors that complement bedroom decor.
3.	Entrance Halls: Make a statement at the entrance, setting the tone for the entire space.
4.	Bathrooms: Combine functionality with elegance by incorporating mirrors that elevate bathroom design.
5.	Commercial Spaces: Enhance the ambiance of hotels, restaurants, and offices with unique, eye-catching mirrors.
6.	Retail Environments: Showcase your mirrors in boutiques or retail spaces, demonstrating their artistic and customizable features.
7.	Galleries and Art Exhibits: Position Frēodōm mirrors as artistic installations, blurring the line between art and functional design.

To preserve the beauty of your mirror/s, we provide maintenance and care instructions. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends with a clear warranty and return policy. Shipping details, packaging information, and associated costs are transparently communicated.

Keep your Eyes Peeled!
Anticipate the unveiling of captivating creations as Frēodōm ventures into new realms of artistic innovation. Keep a watchful eye for upcoming releases, where groundbreaking designs and conceptual wonders will soon grace our collection. Your space is on the brink of a transformative experience that merges functionality with artistic expression. Stay tuned for the revelation of these extraordinary pieces that exemplify the essence of Frēodōm's craftsmanship. Welcome to Frēodōm, where handcrafted ART MIRRORS transcend the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the fusion of meticulous craftsmanship and boundless creativity. Each mirror is a canvas for your unique style, a bespoke creation that mirrors the essence of Frēodōm. Elevate your space with a reflection of unparalleled quality and individuality. Embrace the freedom to design, and let your mirror tell a story as unique as you are. Discover the art of reflection with Frēodōm – where every mirror is a masterpiece, crafted with passion and the spirit of freedom

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