Veelvlak Signature Surfaces is the culmination of years of layered exploration into tactile clay surfaces. We started out over 30 years ago producing slip cast tableware which grew quickly into a small industry. We began to include a range of tiles that expanded to hand painted murals and larger wall coverings. From there we found our market grew alongside our own technical development and creative expression. 

We have an inspiring team of dedicated artists with Gerrit and Gillian at the helm of creative and technical direction, both having studied Fine Arts. Helé has specialised in hand painting along with the talented Tebogo who joined our team after completing an art course here in Hermanus.

Running our day to day processes and workflow are a crew of staff who are encouraged to be involved in all the different elements of our production. They are the guardians, curators and care-takers of our surfaces. The experience they have gained in working with all facets of the clay's journey has formed the foundation and backbone of our studio. 

As our business grows so too does our commitment to staff development and production integrity. We are proud to make our clients a part of this story.

Southern Art CeramicsHOW WE CREATE:

When taking on a new project there are various stages of development which begin with the choosing and blending of clays, a fundamental part of the success of the final product. Based on the brief we then begin trials with glazing and finishes. This is a process rich with alchemy and requires detailed knowledge of our custom oxides and stains to ultimately create a range of finishes from opulent and glossy to textured and matte.

If hand painting is required we will also include colour development and art work research along with shape testing and custom techniques for 3D tiles. The final concept is then brought to life through a series of trials and refinements.

In as much as we can tell you about the thousand processes that go on in our studio from forming, dipping, sanding, glazing, extruding, drying, painting, printing, and firing, how we feel about our creations are that they are ultimately born out of much love, careful attention and absolute devotion.